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Parties Testimonials

I just had to write you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the party Blake had for Taylor’s birthday at OYA. First off, your venue is beautiful! So well kept and the grounds are just lovely. I loved the look of the high top tables in this outdoor setting. What a perfect set-up for kids and adults to really have an action-packed good time. Our bartender, Jordan and the supervisor working that evening were so helpful. I appreciated all they did to make things run so smoothly. I have told so many friends to consider your facility when looking for a party venue. Something different and great service. It seems like a hundred years ago when my kids were working there, but I’m so happy that Oakland Yards just keeps getting better and better.

Hats off to you for your success. Sincerely, Catherine Woods, Blake’s mom


Hi Guys, I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you both and your AMAZING staff! Our group had such a good time, we cant wait to come back. Patty was literally the best and everyone there helping was amazing!

Kelly G.


I walked into the most amazing, humbling, beautiful celebration at Oakland Yard on Saturday, and it is my understanding that YOU had a great deal to do with it, having donated the use of the facility and such generous Auction items to generate funds for the Stepanski Scholarship. That was so kind of you—Thank you very much. (Your staff was wonderful, as well!) And as long as I’m thanking you—I am also grateful for the years that Hayden was employed at Oakland Yard, under your direction. You were a terrific employer for Hayden, setting high standards for him, giving him direction when needed, supporting him when life would get rough, and recognizing him as a diligent worker. Thank you for offering him the perfect initial work experience. I hope that you and your family have a terrific summer—Thank you again! :)

Monica Hungerford.


The party was fantastic. And Food was great. Turned out I knew James Allen's, sister Kelly -- very well! He did a really nice job on the spread. I would hire him again for other events. Your staff was awesome (they always are!) and so hospitable and accommodating. We all appreciated the staff.
My family said they had a GREAT time... they said that it was the best event of the four day reunion and they loved learning about Oakland Yard and I think they played every game out there! Volleyball, Soccer, basketball, football and the ropes. And even some of the adults enjoyed the slip and slide. There was something for everyone and even our two handicapped family members (who are confined to wheelchairs) could travel around so easily. They loved being out there--everything was so handicap accessible.
Phillip, I must commend you on a wonderful venue and wonderful service. I love going to Oakland Yard. I will call you again to bring our youth group there as we have done before. Thanks again Philip and enjoy your summer.

Jane Shallal.


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for another wonderful party. The venue was beautiful and the service was exceptional! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Patty and Tracey. They could not have been more helpful. It was nearly 90 degrees and Tracy had her hands full filling drinks but she kept everyone hydrated and did it with a smile. Our guests were very impressed with her- especially when she would not take a tip! Patty was a lifesaver with set up and clean up and was wonderful to keep us in ice and taking care of all of the details with a smile. Thank you thank you thank you!
I will continue to tell my friends and family what a great place this is to host an event - even though most of them got to see it for themselves.
Thank you for making the day run so smoothing and for once again exceeding our expectations.

Samantha Hubarth & family.


It was the most fantastic party ever!

Xylo F, age 9.


There are no words for how wonderful our party was. Your cook, (is it Patty?), Grace, and all your staff was unbelievably nice, overly helpful, pleasant and they entire experience was unforgettable. I have an older daughter who had a party at a different facility when she was in 5th grade, it was nothing compared to having it at the OY. And you make it very affordable!!! If you have a place for customer ratings, or reviews, please let me know. I’m happy to share how wonderful our experience was. Thanks again for everything!

Kim Mahaney and the entire 5th Grade Class at Schoolcraft Elementary!!


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing evening! Everyone had such a great time! I'm sure you will have more business in the future based on the response from last night. I'll send pictures when I get them. Thank you again! You and your staff are the best!!

Kim Harbaugh


Dear Philip, On behalf of the Waterford School District I would like to thank you for your generous contribution towards our PreK-12 Principal's event, held August 13, at your facility! These staff activities which are held after hours on occasion throughout the year to build a positive network of team support within our organization.


Oakland Yard's donation of food, beverage, and activities; including the use of your facility, provided an evening of fun and enjoyment for our entire staff. Our business and community partnerships are invaluable to us and we want to thank you again for your support and continued commitment to the students and staff of Waterford School District.Best wishes!

Lisa McFee - Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning Services.


Everyone had a great time. Some of the parents told me their kids even cried when it was time to go. I think it’s safe to say we will be looking to come back next year. Thank you!

Sarah Gibbs - Senior Manager, Human Resources, MDT.


Thank you very much for such a wonderful day for hosting siblings of special needs children and immigrant refugee children. Your staff was so hospitable to and so inclusive of all the youth. Our youth had an absolutely fantastic day at Oakland Yard and many, who were new immigrants to the U.S., learned about sports to which they have never had exposure. Many also made new friends with other children whom had had similar life situations. Your staff was extremely polite and professional and the food was delicious. Thank you again so much for your wonderful hospitality and making this day bright for these youngsters who have faced difficult challenges in their life. I thought you might be interested in some things reflected in our survey. The following are some of the results:

1. Did you enjoy your day today? (100% of the children enjoyed their day)
2. Did you meet a new friend? (91% of the children met a new friend.)
3. Did you learn about a new sport? (83% of the children learned a new sport)

Children’s favorite part:
• The slip-and-slide: ( 57% )
• Playing soccer: ( 43% )
• Basketball: ( 14% )

Some of the remarks made by our youth:
• "This was the best day of my entire life."
• "I've never been so happy. This is the most fun I'll ever have."
• "Can we do this again every week?"
• “You guys are so nice. Thank you for taking us.”
• “The slip-and-slide was so much fun. I want one at my house.”

Jane Shallal, Chaldean American Ladies of Charity Troy, MI


We had our son's birthday party there [Oakland Yard Athletics] yesterday. It was AMAZING! The kids had a blast! Our party host was great with all the boys and it was so awesome that he played with the kids. 20 seven year olds can be a handful, but he handled it like a pro! We can't say enough great things about OYA! Everyone there is awesome!

Nancy Patterson Stauffer


I just wanted to let you know that Chase and all of his friends had so much fun at his party on Sunday! Me and all the parents were impressed by Steven and the staff, they were amazing with kids and just wanted to let you know how great they really were! Thanks again!!

Sienna Swanson


Jeff and I just wanted to email and say what a great time we had today at Oakland Yard celebrating Robbie's 6th birthday. The kids had such a fun time running around on the field, and James Kennedy was an awesome host! James was super engaging on the field with the kids during game time, and he coordinated the pizza, drinks and cake like a pro. Sam, Ryan and Lindsey were all very helpful too- they made sure we had pitchers of water near the field, checked in with us to make sure we had what we needed, and helped guests find their way to the party. We are so glad we were able to celebrate at Oakland Yard and will always remember the day- thank you for making this happen!

Diane and Jeff Katakowski