Oakland Yard Volleyball

Whiffle Ball Open House!

Sunday, November 6th  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm    Free ………… Come play, Check It Out, Ask Questions ………… Everybody Is Welcome.

We’re forming an adult (coed) whiffle ball league, games will start Sunday night, February 19th to March 23rd.  Enter your own team of three players or register as a free agent and we’ll build a team around you.  $299 per team, $99 individually.  Each date (six dates) will be two hours of play, teams will play half the league every Sunday.

Registration starts November 15th, 2022.     Click here for more Information

Next ‘Open House’ is Tuesday night, December 6th @ 8:00p then again on Thursday, December 29th @ 8:00 pm.
Come on out and play some whiffle, everybody is welcome!

Want to connect with the whiffle ball commissioner?  Contact Joe Rinehart  

Our beach volleyball facility leads the area with the best sand courts around. Fine, Lake Michigan sand that sinks over your ankles and makes you feel like you are truly at the beach.

While you are here, enjoy the patio bar, fire pit, streaming beats supplied by players and lots of other activities going on. We even have wait staff to bring you your food and drinks!

Please see Traci (on-site volleyball management) or Christine (admin) if you have any questions.

League Director:  Traci Gerou
 248 820 1823

League Administrator:  Christine Lindsay
 248 303 2826


NEW!   Want to host a family reunion or company party without all the work?
Consider renting our patio and volleyball courts. Contact Philip at  pdouse@oaklandyard.com for more info.

Volleyball Leagues

Monday Leagues:  Coed 6's, Coed 2's and Men's 2's
Back after a long hiatus, this competitive men's 2's league is what put Oakland Yard on the map back in "the day". Some of the best Michigan players discovered the sand at Oakland Yard. Help resurrect the vibe and join our league.

Tuesday Leagues:  Coed Beer (Lower) 6's and Coed Beer (Upper) 6's

Wednesday Leagues:  Coed Beer 6's and Coed Intermediate 6's

Thursday Leagues:  Coed Competitive 4's and Coed Beer 6's