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10U league action on a Friday night

Professional Softball Training Facility at Oakland Yard

Cage Director: Marty Greenspan
 mgreenspan@oaklandyard.com    248 939 6603

Remember that feeling when you emerge from a tunnel into a sunlit, open-air stadium? That's the feeling you get when you enter our naturally lighted dome and practice baseball and softball.
Why practice in a cramped warehouse?

Since 1995, Oakland Yard has been synonymous with offering the highest quality venues to play in leagues or train for your sport. We bring that same level of excellence to our baseball and softball facilities. Open since 1995, we offer 3 professional grade batting cages adjacent to the largest open field space around, 72,000 sq ft of synthetic turf and 5,000 sq ft of speed and training equipment. Our lighting is the highest intensity, 63,000 watts. It's the brightest dome around so you can see what you're catching.

All Cages Come With...

  • Professional standard netting
  • Target netting and deadening netting are standard
  • Synthetic turf surface with rubber infill for a true field feel

Cage Dimensions

  • Cage #1, #2 and #3 are each
    14 feet wide x 70 feet long x 12 feet tall

Hours of Operation

  • M-F 3pm to 11pm
  • S-S 8am to 10pm

Individual Rentals and Package Offers

Individual cages are available for rent during normal hours at the rate of $30/cage-hr. Each cage comes with an L-screen to protect your pitcher. See all of our pricing below. You can prebook a consistent time for your practices or just call us for availability as you need practices.

Single Cage Pricing
1/2 Hour
1 Hour
Per Rental
10 Prepaid
$180 (10% Discount)
$250 (17% Discount)
25 Prepaid
$425 (15% Discount)
$550 (27% Discount)

Double Cage Pricing
1/2 Hour
1 Hour
Per Rental
10 Prepaid
$360 (10% Discount)
$500 (17% Discount)
25 Prepaid
$850 (15% Discount)
$1,000 (27% Discount)

Team and Package Rentals

Team rentals are welcome at anytime. Teams can book 1, 2 or all 3 cages on a consistent basis, assuring a continual training calendar.

To Reserve Block Cage Time

Contact Marty Greenspan
 mgreenspan@oaklandyard.com    248 939 6603

To Reserve One-Time Use Cage Time

Contact Oakland Yard
 248 673 0100

Enhance Your Baseball/Softball Skills:

Speed and Strength Training With Athlete's Edge
No other facility offers the proven effectiveness of the Athlete's Edge. For over 20 years, Jim Browne, former two-sport All American and NFL football player offers training to help athletes reach their college goals. Over 5,000 sq feet of speed and strength training equipment allows sport specific training protocols. www.athletesedgeusa.com. Get more out of your baseball practice by increasing your core strength.

Girls Indoor Softball Leagues

League Director: Joe Moran
 joemoran@oaklandyard.com    248 310 9802

12U Girls League

Our popular youth girls softball league is played Friday evenings and Saturdays, every other week, throughout the winter. All games will be up to 1 hour 45 minutes (including 15 minute on-field warm-ups) using USSSA and/or ASA approved bats and game balls.

We offer flexible scheduling and game times over 15 dates with some teams playing a majority of Friday games and some teams playing a majority of Saturday games. We offer two divisions to ensure competitive balance, so whether you're a tournament/league seasoned team looking for great winter competition, or a new team simply trying to prepare for next summer's season, we have a level of play that will suit your team needs.

Contact the League Director for more details.

↓ 2181 ↓
Winter I
1/7/2022, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, (skip 2/18), 2/25, 3/4, 3/11/2022
Game Days
Game Times
6:30pm, 8:15pm, 10:00pm
Number Of Games
Game Durations
15 minute warm-up, 1:30 game
Game Format
Field Info
Indoor  -  South Dome
Register a Full Team
$1,865 - returning teams $1,765 - ($350 deposit required)
$25 /Team /Game umpire fees are not included and must be paid by teams prior to first pitch.
Returning team discount applies if full balance paid by 1/31/22

9U through HS Girls' Tournaments

Test your team's skills over the winter in a series of friendly tournaments. Every effort is made to pair teams against each other with equal abilities.

Scheduling issues?
Not a problem. Let us know in advance if you have conflicts and our tournament staff will do their best to accommodate your schedule.

Ample parking and always free.

Extra hidden ump fees?
Nope. It's included.

We've got you covered! Help support your local chefs and please refrain from bringing in your own.

Adult beverages for when those days get long for the parents?
Sure, why not?

Championship Prizes?
Yes of course!

Club discounts?
Let's negotiate.

Fun atmosphere and a great time for the kids?
Always! That's what Oakland Yard is all about - for all of our sports, leagues, camps and parties.

Rules of Play
- Game times are 1hr 30 min drop dead (allows us to stay on time)
- Free defensive substitution.
- Please notify other team of offensive changes in the line-up.
- Bat 9, 10 or whole line-up, player must re-enter batting order in same spot.
- Courtesy runner for pitcher and catcher. Courtesy runner can be anyone on the team. Same player cannot run for both pitcher and catcher. Courtesy runner is out if they are on base when their spot in the line-up comes up.
- 5-Run Rule Limit
- Coin flip determines Home team.
- Sportsmanship is expected.
- Have a fun and enjoyable learning experience with your team!


For more information on baseball or softball
tournaments and to register, please visit: