Oakland Yard Soccer Rules of Play

Soccer Rules of Play
Only players are allowed between the fields. Teams are allowed on the playing surface ten minutes prior to game time, given the prior game has concluded.
On The Fly:
- Field players and goalies may be substituted at any point in time as long as the ball is in play.
- Subbing on the fly is not permitted on dead balls (throw ins and corner kicks).
- The entering and exiting players must be within 5-8 yards of the team bench area.
- Failure to complete a proper substitution will result in too many men on the field and a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposing team. The free kick will be taken from the penalty spot of the guilty team. A wall may be set.
- Guaranteed only at the time of a goal kick or after a goal has been scored, subject to referee’s discretion.
- In the pursuit of fair play, the referee MAY NOT allow a whole line change in the last 2 minutes of the half and/or the last 2 minutes of the game.
Infractions resulting in disciplinary action:
- 2 minutes: Player may be substituted but may not reenter play for 2 minutes.
- 2 minutes: Player may NOT be substituted and the team must play short-handed for 2 minutes or until a goal is scored against them, whichever occurs first.
- 5 minutes: Player may be substituted but may not reenter play for 5 minutes.
- Current game suspension: The player will be asked to leave the field of play and will NOT be allowed to reenter for the duration of the game. This player MAY BE REPLACED on the field with another player.
- Future Game suspension: The player may be asked not to return for a determined number of games.
- Banned: Player may not be allowed to play in ANY league at OYA. This action is reserved for severe and/or persistent disregard for the rules of safety.
- A field player MAY serve a goalies penalty time. This does NOT apply when there is a suspension and/or banning assessed to the goalie.
A direct kick will be awarded for kicking, tripping, jumping at an opponent, holding, pushing, charging violently, striking, sliding and spitting. A yellow or red card may also be given.
Players receiving two yellow cards in one game must sit out the remaining portion of the game and the next game. Players receiving a red card are ejected from the current game and the next scheduled game. Players caught violating the game suspension policy above will be suspended permanently from OYA.
- Goalies are universal players and do not have to appear on the team roster in order to play. - All field players MUST be on the roster for the team they are playing for. Roster information must include a parent signature for any player under the age of 18. Teams without rosters submitted after the due date will be required to forfeit any game in which their roster is challenged.
- WOMEN'S OVER 30 in order to play on a team that one is not rostered on, they need to come to the front desk and get a sub slip/ pay the fee. In order for this player to play in the last week of games/playoffs for the session they need to have subbed on the same team 3 times in regular season play.
Outside of the box will resulting a direct free kick at the spot of the slide. Goalkeepers are permitted to slide in the box, if they leave the box while sliding they will be penalized. The resulting penalty will be a direct free kick for the opposing team outside the penalty box at the point where the goalie left the box sliding.
There are off sides in our U11 - U14 girl's leagues, U11 - U18 boy's leagues. There is no off sides in our U10 and younger divisions, high school girl's leagues, or any adult league.
- FIFA goalkeeper’s rules apply on the back pass.
- Goalies are permitted as many steps as possible within 6 seconds.
- Goalkeepers have 6 seconds to distribute the ball after recovering from making a save.
Punting: Punting is not allowed in any adult league (coed, women's, or men's). All other leagues goalies are allowed to punt or drop kick after a hand save.
Out of Bounds:
- The ball is in bounds until the referee signals otherwise.
- The netting along the end lines will be deemed out of bounds.
- The referee is part of the field and deemed in play.
- The wheels on the goal are considered in play.
- The American football section of the goal is considered out of play and the proper restart will be awarded (i.e. Goal kick or corner kick)
Bench Area:
- Players and coaches must stay back from the touchline.
- Bags, coats, water bottles, etc… must be kept a safe distance from the touchline.
- Coaches and players must keep themselves within an acceptable distance of their team’s bench area.
- Coaches and players are not allowed to cross the half line while on their bench.
- NO chairs or benches are allowed in the player area.
Any game resulting in a tie at the end of regulation play will go directly to penalty kicks, best of three. If tied after a best of three, sudden death penalty kicks will be the deciding factor in the win of the game.

- Shin guards must be worn during all games.
- NEW You can wear molded cleats, as long as they are clean
- Same or similar uniforms/T-shirts must be worn.
- Goalies must wear a different color jersey from both teams.
- OYA pinnies will be supplied in the case of like colors.
- NO jewelry, watches, or dangerous articles of clothing are permitted.
- The proper sized ball for the age group will be used for games.
The consumption of alcohol at Oakland Yard or any off-site location prior to a game by any player is strictly prohibited. Team managers will be held responsible for all players. Anyone in violation of this policy will be restricted from participating in the game in question. Recurring violations of this policy will result in suspension from remaining session play.
All restarts are direct kicks.
- Need not go forward in order to be live and in play.
- Are direct (always).
- Balls going out of bounds will result in a throw-in for youth leagues with the exception of the adult leagues (see below for adult explanation). The thrower must be stationary, that is no run up to touch line and player must be standing still at the time of the throw. If a player uses a deliberate run to the touch line to gain distance from momentum, a throw in will be awarded to the opposing team *What is deemed as a deliberate run to gain advantage is at the referees discretion.

Kick-In: (Adult League)
- NO attempts are allowed for balls that do not enter the field on the first try. The ball cannot be kicked higher than the knee of the referee (at referee’s judgment). Kick-ins above the knee will result in a kick-in for the opposing team.
To be kicked from the goal line or in front of the goal, players are given flexibility on ball placement.
- May be played at any height.
- Must be put in play from the goal line.
- DO NOT have to exit the goal box in order to be live and in play.
- Must be put back into play in a fair amount of time as deemed by the referee.
- Failure to do so will result in a kick-in on the touchline for the opposing team.
- Are ALWAYS direct.
- May be played at any height.
- Must be taken within 1 yard of the corner.
- Must be put back in play in a fair amount of time as deemed by the refe
- Failure to do so will result in a goal kick for the opposing team. - Are ALWAYS direct.
- May be played at any height.
- Are taken from the spot of the foul or at the penalty spot if the infraction is committed inside the goal box.
- Must be taken within 5 SECONDS of the spotting of the ball and/or setting the wall.
- With the exception of penalty kicks, may be defended with a wall set 5 yards from the ball.
- Are ALWAYS direct.
- Awarded if pass back to keeper is picked up. Kick will be placed at the edge of goal box.