Welcome to Oakland Yard Athletics Summer Camps 2020

We've been creating camp programs and keeping kids actively engaged every summer for 25 years. Our first year of camp in 1995 we had only six different camps, and last year we offered more than 60 distinct activities.

As kids are so fond of saying about dinosaurs evolving (Dino camp started circa 2001), we too have learned to change in order to succeed and serve our customers.

This year's unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to have serious, detailed discussions and re-imagine our entire camp program, to find a way to allow your kids to reconnect with their friends while staying safe.

So, we're wiping the slate clean. No, forget that. Cleaning sounds too much like work, and we're all sick of cleaning. We're rebooting our camps. No, wait. Rebooting sounds like computer stuff, and we're tired of that, too. We're getting back to basics, starting over, down and dirty. That's it! Getting down is dancing, and getting dirty is a kid's specialty. So, we're getting down and dirty with our camps.

For kids, this means all-in-one camps every week

Rather than offering activity-specific camps, our campers will join in small age-appropriate camper groups, with Counselor leaders. They'll participate in a variety of activities every day at our 10-acre park-like campus. They'll be doing sports, crafts, slip 'n slide, Nerf, water blaster wars, golf, ropes course, scavenger hunts, nuke 'em, sand castle contests, capture the flag, water balloon slingshot-launching, wacky relay racing, model rocket launching, dress-up, dance parties... you get the idea. Like we said, we've got more than 60 activities.

For parents, this means simplified sign-ups and pricing

Pick your week of camp. There are only two price levels, plus optional after-care:

• Early Birds $10/child/day 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m (food will not be served but campers are welcome to bring their own).
• Half-day is $100/week, and runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon.
• Full-day is $195/week and runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
• After-care time (until 6 p.m.) is $5/child/half-hour.
• Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions, Oakland Yard is offering full refunds upon request prior to camp beginning. Additionally, it is our goal to be sure every parent is comfortable and satisfied that the environment is as safe as possible. Therefore, if you bring your child to camp and decide to cancel after a day of camp, we will issue a prorated refund for the remainder of the week.

To Make Things Easier on Parents

This year we are also offering flexible pick up times. Half-day morning camp ends at 12:00. However, if you would like to send lunch with your campers and have them eat with us before you pick them up, we will allow pick up any time before 1pm without additional charge! If you need that time, take it - and know we have the kids taken care of!

Same thing at the end of the day. Camp ends at 4:00pm, but we are staggering pickup anytime between 4 and 5pm without charge. This way, you have flexibility and we reduce the number of people trying to check out at one time. If you need to pick up after 5pm, the after care option is there for you for only $5/child/half-hour.

Kids should bring:

• A sack lunch every day except Friday, which is "Stuff Your Face Pizza Day" (OYA will supply drinks and afternoon snacks daily. If you child has allergies, please let us know. Their counselors will take this into account.)
• Extra snacks, if desired.
• Spray-on sunscreen.
• Hand sanitizer.
• Two towels - one for the slip-n-slide, the other as their ‘island’ to keep their stuff organized and secure.
• Bathing suit.
• Sunglasses.
• Hat.
• Extra gadgets, gear, or books for down time (OYA and staff cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to electronics or phones - bring those at your own risk).

Here's how we will work to ensure your child's physical health and well-being

We've walked through all our camper/parent/staff interaction scenarios and are streamlining as many as possible to maintain social distancing and sanitization.

• All staff and campers - temperature checks upon arrival. Staff and campers with temperatures 100.4 degrees or higher will be asked to stay home.
• Pre-pay, that means no waiting in line to pay - it's all online.
• Hand sanitizer stations set up if you do need to come inside to chat.
• Parents supplying lunches instead of multiple kitchen staff going out for groceries and prepping food, and avoiding kids waiting in line for food.
• Educating campers to ‘social distance’, keeping their hands to themselves.
• Sanitizing all camp equipment after the day’s activities.

We know you rely on OYA to keep your kids safe and having fun all summer while you are getting back to your adult responsibilities. We're rising to the current challenge to ensure you can continue to rely on us with peace of mind for your children's wellbeing.

Thank you for your continued trust in us,
Marty Greenspan and Philip Douse, Owners
Ashley Back, Camp Director
Stephanie Wilson & Kylee Konieczka, Assistant Directors
Nikki Benning, Camp Administrator

If you would like to chat more about what camp this summer will look like, feel free to reach out to us!
Philip at   248 761 1220 or   pdouse@oaklandyard.com
Marty at   248 673 0100 or   mgreenspan@oaklandyard.com

Interested in working as a Camp Counselor or CIT this summer? Click here to apply!