We think its time to give the kids some freedoms. Until they prove us differently, were going to guide them throughout the week, not dictate to them - help them have some fun within the confines of OYA. Camp X will be based inside the main dome, a walled inside community space especially designed for the kids. Drum kit, electric guitar with amp, pool table, video games, and couches their own base camp that only Camp X kids can enter. No younger kids are allowed inside, no CITs are allowed inside, just the Camp X kids and their guide. Camp Xers will have several group activities planned for them daily.

In addition to the slip-n-slide, kids can use the ropes course and patio bar anytime. The patio bartender will know the kids, they can belly up to the bar anytime for a drink and listen to some music.

For lunches, they will be provided pizza on Mondays and grilling on Tuesdays with the rest of camp. During the rest of the week, they will walk to the local fast-food restaurants for lunch, which will be included as part of their weekly camp price. If your child has a special food request on days we provide food (e.g., gluten-free pizza), please email or add a comment in the sign-up registration information.

This week of camp is a reward for the almost, and newly minted teenager. Its an opportunity for these aspiring young adults to prove to us and you parents that they can stay home alone, that they can be trusted to do the right thing. Well update all of the Camp X parents after each week with a confidential assessment card, nothing too personal, just a note telling the parents how their kid did when granted the freedom to think and act independently.

This camp is open to
campers, ages 12 to 13.
Space is limited to 15 campers.

Camp Dates

  06/19 - 06/23/2023  $245.00
  06/26 - 06/30/2023  $245.00  SOLD OUT!
  07/05 - 07/07/2023  $147.00
  07/10 - 07/14/2023  $245.00  SOLD OUT!
  07/17 - 07/21/2023  $245.00
  07/24 - 07/28/2023  $245.00
  07/31 - 08/04/2023  $245.00
  08/07 - 08/11/2023  $245.00
  08/14 - 08/18/2023  $245.00

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:00pm

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