Treasure Hunting

Arrrgh!! Avast ye buccaneers, corsairs, and pirates! Does ‘X’ really mark the spot? Throughout the week there will be various scavenger hunts and codes to crack that will challenge even the best pirate – all hunts leading to treasure of course. By week’s end, the pirates will search for various pieces of a treasure map that they will have to put together to see where the buried treasure is. If successful, these pirates will have found a treasure chest filled with a bounty of booty.

Campers will use magnifying glasses, binoculars, shovels, ropes, their minds, and their fellow pirates to crack the codes that lead to the day’s treasure. Just like the New York Times crossword puzzle, the codes will get more challenging as the week progresses. Rhymes, riddles, maps, and keys will all be used to solve the clues.

This camp is open to
campers, ages 4 to 7.
Space is limited to 8 campers.

Camp Dates

  06/22 - 06/26/2020  $145.00 (with camp membership: $130.00)  
  07/20 - 07/24/2020  $145.00 (with camp membership: $130.00)  
  07/27 - 07/31/2020  $145.00 (with camp membership: $130.00)  
  08/10 - 08/14/2020  $145.00 (with camp membership: $130.00)  

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm
Camp includes a daily snack.

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