Parents and Pals   NEW!

Parent’s & Pals is designed to give you (the adult) a chunk of time to unplug from everything else and just focus on spending a little bit of quality time with your littlest loved one! You will have an opportunity to play and learn alongside your child in a structured, yet flexible environment.
• Shapes & Colors (7/13-7/17)
• Animals (7/27-7/31)
• Shapes & Colors (8/10-8/14)

This camp is open to
campers, ages 0 to 3.
Space is limited to 10 campers.

Camp Dates

  06/22 - 06/26/2020  $29.00 (with camp membership: $29.00)  
  07/06 - 07/10/2020  $29.00 (with camp membership: $29.00)  
  07/20 - 07/24/2020  $29.00 (with camp membership: $29.00)  
  08/03 - 08/07/2020  $29.00 (with camp membership: $29.00)  

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:30am to 11:30am

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