Car Town

Vroom, VROOM, VROOOOOOM!!!! All campers will get their own personal battery powered 4-wheeler to ride and use throughout the week while they learn the ‘rules of the road’. Prior to getting the keys for some all out fun, campers will have to earn their driver’s license by taking a
written and practical driving test. Not to worry moms and dads, these cars don’t go very fast, and the written test is designed for all to pass.

Our overall message to the kids will be to show them the challenges and obstacles we parents go through to keep our cars on the road – buying or leasing, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and the laws.

Throughout the week, campers will learn how to handle themselves while parking, negotiating
four-ways stops, merging into traffic, and obeying several types of traffic signs.

If this sounds like fun, just wait until camp time. We promise to not only educate your little
driver wannabe, but entertaining them as well!

This camp is open to
campers, ages 4 to 5.
Space is limited to 6 campers.

Camp Dates

  07/20 - 07/24/2020  $172.00 (with camp membership: $157.00)  
  07/27 - 07/31/2020  $172.00 (with camp membership: $157.00)  

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm
Camp includes a daily snack.

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