Upcycled Textile Arts

Time to clean out your clothes drawers! This camp is a chance for your child to take a pile of old tee shirts and turn them into some fabulous custom made creations. Send them with a pile of shirts that are no longer worn (or shouldn’t be). Clean out all your drawers and send them in, they can be any size! We will spend the week turning them into cool new fashions that they will be proud to wear, accessories, maybe even a rug or a basket to hold their treasures. The majority of our work will be done using just scissors, but we may also be utilizing dye methods including traditional and Sharpie tie dying.

This camp is open to
campers, ages 8 to 13.
Space is limited to 12 campers.

Camp Dates

  07/01 - 07/03/2019  $67.00 (with camp membership: $58.00)  
      No camp Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5.
  08/05 - 08/09/2019  $112.00 (with camp membership: $97.00)  

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm
No camp Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5.

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