What do you do when you’re too old for traditional day camps, but too young to become a CIT or, GASP, get a job!? You come to Camp-X!

Camp-X inside our dome includes a pool table, air-hockey, old school video games, X-Box 360, age appropriate books and magazines, movies, an electric guitar with an amp, and a complete drum set for jamming! Kids will have oversight throughout the day and week, along with the ability to move throughout the facility and participate in a variety of sports, games and activities. Each Camp X-er will get a cool stadium cup to keep. Throughout the week they can fill up their cups with a soft drink at the kitchen counter and then go back to home base to relax anytime. Camp X-ers will spend a portion of each day engaged in group activities designed to break down insecurities, build confidence, and open them up to new people and experiences.

Monday through Thursday Camp-Xer’s will walk to a local establishment such as Subway, Taco
Bell, DQ, or Wendy’s for lunch with the Camp-X staff. On Friday, we will bring in Jet’s Pizza.

This camp is open to
campers, ages 12 to 14.
Space is limited to 15 campers.

Camp Dates

  06/17 - 06/21/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  06/24 - 06/28/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  07/01 - 07/03/2019  $136.00 (with camp membership: $121.00)  
      No camp Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5.
  07/08 - 07/12/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  07/15 - 07/19/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  07/22 - 07/26/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  07/29 - 08/02/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  08/05 - 08/09/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  
  08/12 - 08/16/2019  $227.00 (with camp membership: $202.00)  

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm
No camp Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5.

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