3v3 Youth Soccer Tournaments Are Back!

Enroll your team for an evening or afternoon of fun and athletics. We have several unique events in the coming weeks to fit your schedule:

  • Friday night October 29th - Halloween 3v3 Night of Terror

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  • Friday during the day on November 26th
  • Tuesday during the on December 28th

  •      Registration & Information     


    In light of COVID-19, we will not be staffing our front desk for the foreseeable future. Our main phone line will be answered weekdays between 9a and 3p.  All registrations and team payments can be processed online, if you would like to register over the phone, please call during our Monday – Friday office hours.

    After hours/weekends: if you would like immediate help for whatever reason, please feel free to text either owner for assistance.

    Philip Douse              248 761 1220
    Marty Greenspan     248 939 6603

    All customers (athletes and spectators) entering our domes will be required to wear a mask. Spectators will be asked to wear their mask throughout their visit, athletes competing on the field of play do not need to wear their mask.

    We are adopting a ‘one youth athlete’ / ‘one adult guardian’ policy this winter in order to cut down unnecessary crowding. Please help us honor this policy and keep younger siblings home if at all possible, as well as grandparents and extended family (unless they are the guardian). Please help keep the youth athlete safe and allow them to play, one parent or guardian per youth league participant.


    • High School Girls Indoor Soccer Leagues 2021/2022
    • Men’s Indoor Flag Football 2022
    • 3v3 Soccer Tournaments are back!!
    • Ride the ‘Cornhole wave’ and make a few bucks trying …
    • Adult winter softball tournaments on Saturday nights!!

    High School Girls Indoor Soccer Leagues 2021/2022

    Don’t miss out this winter!

    Contact league director Philip Douse for reservations at   pdouse@oaklandyard.com.

    11v11 games start December 4th and 5th. Varsity, junior varsity and freshmen division.

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    Men’s Indoor Flag Football 2022

    Get your guys ready for some Monday Night Football action!

    Leagues start this fall, contact league commissioner Joe Moran  248 310 9802

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    3v3 Soccer Tournaments are back!!

    Get the kids signed up, load up the van and head our way!

    Oakland Yard’s One-day 3v3 youth soccer tournament is this November 26 and December 28. A great way to spend the day with six of your closest soccer fanatics.

         More Information and Registration     

    Ride the ‘Cornhole wave’ and make a few bucks trying …

    Friday night in the North dome will be rockin’ this winter!

    Cornhole leagues, DJ, card games, and lots of cold beverages.
    Need another night to play? Sunday nights are starting in November.
    Find a good partner and get them under contract, only the winners get the cash!!

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    Adult winter softball tournaments on Saturday nights!!

    Every Saturday night throughout the winter we host competitive tournaments.

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