Family Reunions

Host your next family reunion on 'neutral ground'.  The kids can play the whole time while the adults socialize reminisce.

You've got options!
Pot-Luck, Catered, or Order from our Bar & Grill?
Have a cash bar or let uncle Bob pick up the tab?
Sunday afternoon get together or Saturday night party?
The sooner you book the more options you have!

We include everything to make it as easy on the organizing family as possible. Bon fire, music, bartender and fountain Pepsi service is all included, along with so many fun things to do!

  • Ride the slip-n-slide
  • Play volleyball
  • Shoot some hoops
  • Hit golf balls
  • Play corn-hole
  • Throw a football
  • Organize a soccer game
  • Have a Nerf battle
  • Run some races
  • Egg-toss...

The sky really is the limit!

Why stand around on aunt Millie's deck this year? Have your family get together at Oakland Yard - we'll set-up and clean up.

Contact us for availability and pricing. We are here to help make your next reunion easy and fun.
Contact party coordinator     Philip Douse or    248 761 1220 directly.