Children’s Birthday Parties

Party coordinator: Philip Douse

Full payment is required to book a birthday party, Birthday parties are $350, up to 22 kids
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Birthday parties at Oakland Yard Athletics are two-hours (winter / October 15 - April 30). Summer birthday parties are two and one-half hours (May 1 - October 14).

Party base location (main dome, patio, tent, north dome, upper party suite) is reserved on a first come, first reserved basis. When booking your party please confirm exactly where your party will take place - where the sports will take place, where pizza and cake will be served. Consult with Philip for suggestions. Parties might start (sports) in the north dome, then move to the south dome (pizza, cake, etc.). If you have a preference, please let us know at the time of booking. We will accommodate all requests if available.

Unless we are told at the time of booking, pizza for all parties will be delivered 1.25 hours into the party (winter). If you are renting or engaging outside athletic suppliers for equipment that needs to be delivered, we can not be responsible for later arriving equipment/vendors. Please let us know if this is the case so we can plan accordingly.

Parties can be organized any day per availability. During the winter party season (Oct - April) we are limited to the number of parties we can book per weekend, please contact us as early as possible for us to search our reservation sheet for your party day/weekend of choice.

Our birthday parties are designed for 22 kids, if you are going to exceed this number we need to know in advance to properly prepare (extra staff, food, space, etc...). Parties with more than 22 children are subject to a $15 per child cost that will need to be paid prior to the party. Additionally, we welcome adult guests (parents of party guests) to stay, but we need to know in advance if this is going to be the case. Adequate space will need to be reserved, extra food ordered, and extra staff will need to be in attendance to properly service those adult guests. There might be an additional cost if the adult guest count requires OYA staff to build out space to accommodate your adult guests. We do not want to take away from the experience the children expect and deserve.

If you find yourself having a large number of adults, in addition to more than 22 kids for your party, contact Philip so he can design a party that fits your vision.

All birthday party guests can play whichever sport they would like, changing games whenever they feel like switching sports. All equipment is included (except baseball/softball gloves). Warm weather parties can use our slip-n-slide, towels and bathing suits needed.

Kids can play:

Soccer, Nerf Battle, basketball, flag football, indoor golf, bottle battle, baseball or softball.

Every party includes a coordinating athletic coach who’s job is to organize the kids into whichever sport they wish to play and then keep things moving. Our non-coaching staff will organize food, drinks, and decorations. If the weather cooperates for the use of our slip-n-slide, all children are welcome to use it.

Your athletic coordinator will move all children (kids must stay together as a group throughout your party) to the slide and then its cool down time! Kids need to bring their towels and bathing suits to the party. Parents: This information needs to be expressed on the party invitation.

Party includes:

Pizza for all children. Pizza for kids is cheese/pepperoni. It is our goal to serve enough pizza per party that extra can be taken home.

Extra pizzas can be ordered for adults attending at $11 per pizza. Drinks include fountain Pepsi products (lemonade and fruit punch available).

A custom birthday cake (1/4 sheet cake), kids can choose chocolate, white, or marbled cake – ‘Happy Birthday John/Sue’ is written on the cake in color of choice.

Table coverings, and all food related paper products are included. Take home party favors are not included, parents are welcome to bring and pass-out party favors or additional snacks (veggie’s or fruit).

If your party is in the cooler months, you’ll get to have your pizza and cake in our new upper party ‘suite’ while games are played below if available. Watch the action and relax with the kids over pizza and cake.

During the warms months, parties can be based on the patio, tent, or dome.

For more information, to check availability, or to book your party contact party coordinator Philip Douse or    248 761 1220 directly.