Board Game

Let us introduce your children to the games you grew up on: Monopoly, Battle Ship, Memory, Pictionary, Risk, Chess, Clue, Checkers, etc. All of these games will be played throughout the week. Our objective is to get children away from the mindless video games and into something more mentally stimulating. Each day children will be challenged with a game of thought and strategy, and entertained with a game of action. Coaches will guide your child through these games as needed.

All games will be played on one of our covered patios. Of course campers will get a daily trip to our slip-n-slide.

This camp is open to
campers, ages 7 to 12.
Space is limited to 8 campers.

Camp Dates

  07/05 - 07/07/2017  $82.00 (with camp membership: $73.00)  SOLD OUT!
  08/07 - 08/11/2017  $137.00 (with camp membership: $122.00)  SOLD OUT!

Note: Camp Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm
Camp does not include lunch.
Week of July 5 is Wednesday through Friday.

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